DJ Mu-R vs Conomark – Lalapalooza Vol. 2

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Limited Edition Japanese Promo Mix CD


The second of the mix CD series “Lalapalooza Series” that releases DJ mixes by DJs with outstanding sense and skill in a split package!
Following the previous work “DJ Mitsu the Beats VS SOUTHPAW CHOP”, this work is also a surprising combination! With their hip-hop background and spirit at their core, the two DJ Mu-R are enthusiastically supported all over the country for their original DJ play that resonates with the underground dance music scene such as house and techno. VS Conomark ”is a powerful and intense split package release!
The blackness is concentrated in the beat and groove, and the deep taste of jazz, dub, and afro tribal, and the luster of obscene funk soul are spun with black dance dynamics, and from the second half, it is more rooted in hip-hop roots. DJ Mu-R side who closes the curtain on funky dope and jazz with rugged.
Jazz, soul, boogie disco, Africa, Brazil … A dynamic dance groove with the rich sound vibes of black roots music, spun on a four-dimensional trip with warm mood vibes, dubs and electric treatments. Going out Conomark.
Both of them share the “Lalapalooza” concept, such as sprinkling the sound vibes of black roots music and pitching down in the first half and the second half, but also let you experience the fun unique to split that each creates an original world view. In the work!

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